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Presenter notes and recommended articles are gathered and distributed on a CD for all BernerU participants each year.  Some faculty and authors generously grant permission for posting on this site as well.  Resources are divided into departments: Better Breeding, Correct Conformation, Effective Stewardship, Health Maintenance, and Working Partnerships.

Better Breeding

Breeder Definitions  -Peggy Adamson

Bad Breeder Red Flags  -Mary Shaver

Bomb Proofing Your Puppies  -Wanda Tait

Canine Development and Socialization  -Robert K. Anderson DVM

Kennel Blindness: A Closer Look  -Claudia Orlandi PhD

To Breed or Not to Breed  -Sierra Milton

Anatomy of a Breed Health Initiative  -Jerold S. Bell DVM

Canine Elbow Dysplasia and Its Inheritance  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Genetic Testing for Breeding and Pet Dogs  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Pedigree Research  -Elaine Gunn

Pedigree Analysis  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Risk Factors for Bloat  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Popular-Sire Syndrome Keeping  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease  -Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Why Speak Softly to Our Dogs  -Robert K. Anderson DVM

Consequences of Selection  -Dr. Bert Klei PhD

Correct Conformation

Canine Body Language (ASPCA)  -Jill Henninger

Canine Terminology Soundness  -compiled by J. Seltzer

European-Style Sieger Evaluation Form

How To Make A Labrador Without Breaking Eggs  -Maureen Gamble

Breeder Feature  -Maureen Gamble

Effective Stewardship

ABCs of Breeding  -Claudia Orlandi PhD

Choosing a Mentor  -Sherry Venditti

Pine Trees, Pails and Parts  -Sylvia Howison

Sophie's Story  -Nancy Melone

How Do We Rescue? Let Me Count the Ways  -Nancy P. Melone

Puppy Packets Outline  -Sandy Dunaway & Sharon Keefer

Health Maintenance

Bloat, Gastric Dilation and Volvulus  -Jackie Pozniak, DVM

Acupressure for Your Animals  -Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis

Benefits of PetMassageTM for Dogs  -Jonathan Rudinger

Canine Massage  -Lifelearn Inc.

Bach Flower Essences in Small Animal Practice  -Heidi Kübler,

Bach Flower Essences  -Lifelearn Inc

Flower Essences for Animals  -Jean Hofvre, DVM

Flower Essences for the Veterinary Practitioner  -Jean Hofvre, DVM

First Aid  -Jackie Pozniak, DVM

Save a Life: Learn Animal CPR  -Lori H. Feldman, DVM, Henry J. Feldman, M.D.

Home Physical Examination  -Susan Wilkinson, DVM

The Veterinary Physical Exam  -Susan Wilkinson DVM 

Nutrition Response Testing Part 1  -Sharon Doolittle, DVM

Nutrition Response Testing Part 2  -Sharon Doolittle, DVM

Nutrition Response Testing Part 3  -Sharon Doolittle, DVM

Porto Systemic Shunt Brochure  -Nancy Melone

Thyroid and Behavior  -Linda Aronson, DVM

Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine: Herbs in Harmony  -Geoff D'Arcy, Lic Ac, DOM

Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine: The Wisdom of Herbal Pet Care  -Geoff D'Arcy, Lic Ac, DOM

Diagnostic Testing for Food Sensitivity & Intolerance  -W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Working Partnerships

A Glimpse at Tracking  -April Rifenburg

AKC Tracking Getting Started  -April Rifenburg

Tracking Dog Recipe  -Mary Alice Eschweiler

Bernese Mountain Dog Knitting  -Peggy Gaffney

Clicker Skills 101  -Carol Stephenson

Grooming Recipe  -Rebecca Kent

How to Get a Handle on Your Training  -Kathy Sdao, M.A., C.A.A.B.

Herding 101  -Nancy Melone

It's a Dog's Life, Part 1  -story by Helen Todd

It's a Dog's Life, Part 2  -story by Helen Todd

It's a Dog's Life, Part 3  -story by Helen Todd

Pet Trusts  -Jeffrey Sternberg

Puppy Skills  -Carol Stephenson

Therapy Pets  -Carol Stephenson

“PAWSitive” Interventions Lower “Rrrrf” Times in Pediatrics  -Janet Myers

Cavaletti Training and Conditioning  -Odebt Massey 

Additional Information on Canine Cavaletti Work  -Odebt Massey

Pawsatively Cavaletti Training  -Odebt Massey

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