Better Breeding Breeder Definitions- Peggy Adamson Bad Breeder Red Flags - Mary Shaver Bomb Proofing Your Puppies -  Wanda Tait Canine Development and Socialization Robert K. Anderson DVM Pedigree Research - Elaine Gunn The Breeder's Code of Silence - Sierra Milton To Breed or Not to Breed - Sierra Milton Anatomy of a Breed Health Initiative - Jerold S. Bell DVM Canine Elbow Dysplasia and Its Inheritance - Jerold S. Bell, DVM Genetic Testing for Breeding and Pet Dogs - Jerold S. Bell, DVM Pedigree Analysis - Jerold S. Bell, DVM Risk Factors for Bloat - Jerold S. Bell, DVM Popular-Sire Syndrome Keeping - Jerold S. Bell, DVM Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease - Jerold S. Bell, DVM The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis - Jerold S. Bell DVM Why Speak Softly to Our Dogs - Robert K. Anderson DVM  Consequences of Selection -  Bert Klei Correct Conformation Canine Body Language (ASPCA) - Jill Henninger Canine Terminology Soundness - compiled by J. Seltzer European-Style Sieger Evaluation Form How To Make A Labrador Without Breaking Eggs - Maureen Gamble Breeder Feature - Maureen Gamble Effective Stewardship Choosing a Mentor- Sherry Venditti Pine Trees, Pails and Parts- Sylvia Howison Sophie's Story - Nancy Melone How Do We Rescue? Let Me Count the Ways - Nancy P. Melone Puppy Packets Outline - Sandy Dunaway & Sharon Keefer  
The Berner Blackboard Presenter notes and recommended articles are gathered and distributed on a CD for all Berner U participants each year. Some faculty and authors generously grant permission for posting on this site as well. Resources are divided into departments: Better Breeding, Correct Conformation, Effective Stewardship, Health Maintenance, and Working Partnerships.
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