2023 🐾 Bell Bottoms & Berner Love 🐾

Welcome to our 19th Berner U Conference! Join us for a NEW and Innovative Berner University learning experience! This term will be four days, double the usual time. The expanded time and easily available curriculum will give everyone a greater opportunity. This year will be an Independent Study (Scavenger Hunt) spread throughout the show site. Subjects will be diverse.

Consider it a Magical Mystery Tour of the Berner Specialty Campus. Each matriculated student will receive a test form and a Berner University pin. Access to the Berner U drop box for a semester is included. 

🐾 There will be flyers and educational posters displayed all over campus. 

🐾 Find the posters, answer the questions. 

🐾 This is education at your own pace. Discuss your findings with other students. Study groups are encouraged. 

🐾 Submit the completed test to Marg Geiger by Friday at 7pm to be graded. 

🐾 Students that have 100% on the test will be entered in a random drawing for five amazing baskets brimming with Berner paraphernalia. 

🐾 The winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening.

🐾🐾 Tuition: The tuition/registration fee of $20 per person provides access to the curriculum, as well as access to the 2022 Dropbox full of educational materials.
🐾🐾 Juniors: ages 9-18 years old, receive FREE TUITION/REGISTRATION for all classes and FREE DROPBOX access..

April 3 - April 6, 2023

Hilton Sacramento Arden West
2200 Harvard Street
Sacramento CA 95815
(916) 922-4700


California Exposition & State Fair (Cal Expo)

11600 Exposition Blvd

Sacramento CA 95815 

Register for Berner U 2023 using this link:


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Schedule revisions are posted on our SITE and on our Facebook page.

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